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graduate course autumn 2019, building informatics

During Autumn of 2019, as a part of an eight-week short-course titled ‘Building Informatics’ lead by Yu Morishita, a student cohort of the Engineering department of Utokyo participated in a field visit to Memu Earth Lab, in Taiki, Hokkaido.

This image board presents a composition of images as collected by the research group, but collated by a group member without having physically participated in the field visit themselves. Hence it shows an impression of an outsider exposed only to visual data collected.

Image Board
Andrea Milanovanovic

Alexandre Kajita [France]
Andrea Castellan [Italy]
Andrea Milovanovic [Australia]
Alessandra Sorbi [Italy]
Atsuhiro Hattori [Japan]
Aurel Omar [New Caledonia]
Bianca Diocesano [Italy]
Cindy Djahn [France]
Daniel Kiss [Hungarry]
Fabian Martinsson [Sweden]
Hong Hu [China]
Jack Stirling [Australia]
Kazuki Masaki [Japan]
Lorenzo Murru [Italy]
Momoko Nakaoka [Japan]
Philip Stadler [Austria]
Ryotaro Nakagawa [Japan]
Gaspard Schwarzbard [France]
Webster Sambo [Malawi]
Yan Yufang [China]
Yu Morishita [Japan]
Yu Uchikura [Japan]
Yuchen Bu [China]
Yuta Tanaka [Japan]

Yu Morishita [Memu Earth Lab Project Lecturer, IIS,The University of Tokyo]