Cycles of Nature

Curated by Yoshie Itasaka

sustainable animal agriculture systems / the future of meat consumption

持続可能な畜産システム / 食肉消費の未来について考える


We are searching for the future potentialities in sustainable animal agriculture systems in the land of the Tokachi (Doto) region through visiting farmers grazing their animals with (if not under) the ideas of animal welfare and beyond during the winter season.

Key Words

Animal Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Farm to Fork (European Commission), Green Deal, Natural Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Fertility, Sustainable Livestock, One World One Health, Virus (in alphabetical order)


Nourishing is part of our research retreat program at memu earth lab, rereading the place through the diverse medium that becomes part of our body (nourishment), questioning how we become a responsive part of the environment today.

This documentation shares the starting point of such exploration into responsibility and admiration of nourishment in the cold climate region, listening to the lives of the place and those who will become ourselves. We listen to the inside (history, environment, mode of life) of those who live in the land of ezo and confront the sincerity of how they face nature and life.

We are shared of the time to consider ourselves made alive by the preciousness of their life.

The act of humans entering the natural world ≒ will
The act of receiving (ending) the life ≒ readiness
The act of making the most of the life ≒ responsibility

Placing ourselves next to the lives and their blessing, we think of how we can have the consciousness and imagination of being made alive in the balance between resilience and reliance on nourishment.


共働学舎新得農場  / Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Farm

菊池ファーム / Kikuchi Farm

坂根牧場 / Sakane Farm

湖水地方コモンズ(大樹農社)/ The Lake District Commons

十勝ロイヤルマンガリッツァファーム / Tokachi Royal Mangalica

十勝しんむら牧場 / Tokachi Shinmura Farm

あすなろファーミング / Asunaro Farming

羊まるごと研究所 / Hitsuji Marugoto Kenkyujo

エルパソ豚牧場「どろぶた」 / Rancho Elpaso

士幌高校志プロジェクト / Shihoro High School Kokorozashi Project


Nourishing Documentary

The Lake District Commons Audible at Memu Radio