memu earth lab present

memu summer workshop

rereading the forest / rereading small structures

Hande Unlu, Yu Morishita

date:August 17th – September 24th, 2021 (All schedules will be spent at Memu)

location: Memu, Taiki-cho, Hokkaido and its surrounding area

eligibility: undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers of the University of Tokyo (will be open to external participation from next year) *Students with laboratory supervisors require consent from their supervisors.

日程:8月17日 – 9月24日, 2021年(全日程現地にて実施)



application / 応募

application period:June 7th – July 15th, 2021

application form (link to google form)

brief from memu

memu earth lab invites participants to imagine architecture rooted in the local activities yet experiments with future practices of our society.

Participants will begin with proposing and experimenting with alternative ways of re-designing the Kucha, a temporary shelter used by Ainu hunters, fishers, and people who step into the forests of Hokkaido. We will source, build, live, reverse engineer, and reimagine its knowledge. Kucha will be our medium to reread how current technology can enable local material sourcing and develop local activities that will become the reason to build hardware of architecture.

Memu Summer Workshop is an experience-based learning opportunity. This is the first in a series of studies looking into developing architectural design based on understanding local activities and sustainability. This year, we begin with engaging with local forestry stakeholders, imagining together the future of small-scale furniture/structures and our living environments by rereading the inherited knowledge through the eye of current social activities and technologies.

memu earth lab は、地域の活動に根ざしつつ、将来の社会実践を実験する建築/アーキテクチャを共に考える機会を設けたいと考えています。


Memu Summer Workshopは、体験型学習の機会です。現地における地元の活動と持続可能性の理解に基づいた建築デザインを検討する研究活動の一環として実施されます。今年度は、まず地域の林業関係者との対話から始まり、昨今の社会活動や技術の視点から、受け継がれてきた知識を再読し、小規模な家具・構造物や、私たちの生活環境の未来のデザインを一緒に考えていきます。

schedules (rough)  / スケジュール(概要)

COVID-19 safety protocol

All participants are required to have PCR test before and during the workshop.
Unnecessary engagement beyond the planned activities is restricted. Participation will be limited to a maximum of 8 people, most likely 4.

COVID-19 安全プロトコル



accommodation: research facilities of Memu Earth Hotel (link to map)
cost: covered by the university except for food and personal spendings

宿泊:Memu Earth Hotel 内の研究用施設に滞在します。

contact / 問い合わせ先

memu earth lab
Hande Unlu / handeu(@)