Otocare Scene 1 – Soft Haze

Created by Nick Luscombe (MSCTY), Hikari Sandhu & Yu Morishita

Title:Otocare Scene 1 – Soft Haze

Field Recording:Nick Luscombe & James Greer (MSCTY)
Music:Ski Oakenfull
Music Production Guide: Hikari Sandhu
Composed by: Nick Luscombe

This soundtrack features a blend of environmental sounds recorded in and around Memu, Hokkaido by Nick Luscombe and James Greer. Electronic music producer Ski Oakenfull created the musical pieces in response to the field recordings.

このサウンドトラックは、北海道、芽武周辺でNick LuscombeとJames Greer が集めたフィールドレコーディングにより構成されています。これらの環境音に応答する楽曲を、アンビエント・電子音楽プロデューサーのSki Oakenfullが作りました。

Work in Progress

First Mix: May 2020, Duration: 00:59:13
Second Mix: November 2020, Duration: 00:55:23
Spring Mix: May 2nd, 2021, Duration: 00:29:00 for BBC Radio 3
Cassette Mix: June 23rd, 2021, Duration: 00:29:39 (side A), 00:28:10 (side B)

Music Written by –

Ski Oakenfull

Kicking off his musical career in 1991 as a keyboard player with the band The K-Creative, Ski went on to play with bands such as Galliano & Raw Stylus. At the same time he began to find his own creative voice and released his first 12″ Ain’t Gonna Justify on Dr. Bob Jones’ label Black On Black Records in 1994. He has subsequently gone on to become a full-time remixer, producer, writer & keyboard player for artists such as Incognito, Jakatta, Valerie Etienne, Two Banks Of Four, Rose Smith, Earl Zinger & The Bays, as well as releasing 2 solo albums Life Changes & Rising Son. In 2007 Ski launched his own label Primaudial Records to enable him to release music including his latest project Ayota.


Publically Audible at –

Otocare Bandcamp
Scene 1 cassette release version is digitally available for streaming.
Please invest your care into those who continue to work in challenging environments.
Cassette tape is available through MSCTY.

On going @ 42.468556, 143.376319
The Studio Building at Memu Earth Hotel

On Air @ British Airways Highlife Entertainment

Played @

May 22nd, 2021~ / Introduction Video to works of tona by Rika Kawato / JP / EN / Duration 00:02:51

May 3rd, 2021 / 7:30 JST / May 2nd 23:30 BST / BBC Radio 3 – Slow Radio  / https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vqjq

January 25th, 2021 / 15:00~15:45 JST / CIC LIVE – Nick Luscombe Presents / https://fb.me/e/gXNp7V0nF

November 3rd, 2020 / 20:08~20:11 JST / Radio: J-WAVE SPECIAL TSUCHIYA EARTHOLOGY No.2 / Playback @ 02:07:29 ~ 02:10:00

June ~ July 2020@ 35.48137357946931, 139.63425241609045
Palliative care ward of Saiseikai Kanagawaken Hospital, Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, Yokohama, Japan / Detail